Monday, June 27, 2005

All sick and no play makes danni654 a dull couple

Well, our planned playtime with M & D had to get cancelled tonight. We (Danni) aren't feeling very well. She's got a sinus infection of some sort (using my advanced medical degree terminology). Sniffles, achy and generally run down, we're just taking it easy tonight. Though it's ok to sniffle between ourselves while we're fucking, we figure that it's kind of rude to do with our invited guests. Hopefully, we can reschedule with M & D really soon. We've chatted today on yahoo a bit so hopefully calendars will cooperate.

We're getting ready to have B's kids here Sat-Wed. We try to get them to VA at least twice a year and the balance of the time we travel to see them, every 3 weeks.

And finally, Danni sent out some messages to our "adult" friends that we've started this blog, so to all of you, a big kiss and a squeeze of your best parts, lol. Feel free to comment and suggest.

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