Thursday, June 05, 2008

Danni Does Vegas

When you travel to Las Vegas, you quickly learn that the locals are much more receptive to “travelers” than most people. I guess with so many open-minded people coming to Vegas for a few days, the locals get inundated with requests. We find that American Low Life (aka ALL) is a great site for hooking up with locals and travelers alike.

And, there are always plenty of travelers in LV who post their travel itineraries on ALL for possible hookups, too. We were a little late scheduling with one couple visiting LV, but at least met them for drinks. Hope to see you next time, guys! {wink}{wink}

So, using American Low Life, we were lucky enough to meet Hawkgirl and Hawkman for drinks. After about an hour of witty banter and libations. leg touching and oogling, we quickly agreed that it was time to head to our room. Oh, and, yes, those gorgeous Double Ds above ARE hers!

The girls were quickly naked and both began exploring each other on the bed as Hawkman and I watched with great anticipation. Readers know how bi Danni is, and Hawkgirl matched her lick for lick.

After a while, the girls requested some cock, and we were only too happy to offer some up. Hawkgirl clearly enjoys sucking a cock and must have years of experience. We tried to come up with a brand of vacuum cleaner that would do her justice, but didn’t know the names of any industrial-strength vacuums. LOL She picked out Hawkgirl...guess we'll have to get her "comment" as to why.

Hawkgirl sucked and sucked on my cock as Hawkman fucked Danni long and hard. Hawkgirl’s super powers grew and grew, and she soon had me coming hard from her talent.

Of course, I had to return the favor and worked her tasty pussy with my mouth and fingers. As her body was tightening in anticipation of an orgasm, I felt a familiar sensation inside her pussy. And suddenly, Hawkgirl was squirting all over the place. Between Danni soaking one side of the bed, as she always does, and now Hawkgirl matching her quality and quantity of fluid, the bed was an absolute wreck.

Hawkman continued to fuck Danni over and over again like a pro. I was actually getting worried that he was going to break her, lol. He suddenly backed off from fucking Danni and blew his load all over her chest and belly. Nice job, stud.

We’re thrilled to have found a hot local Vegas couple, and since we get to Vegas pretty often, we’ll be calling them as soon as we know the dates for our next trip. If you’re ever looking for a hot couple in LV that really knows how to play, send us a note, and we’ll hook you up.

Note: Our friends, Tigress and Tiger, moved to Vegas recently, but our schedules didn't work out to get together. Maybe next time...

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