Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Danni Does the Denver All-Stars (and B was there, too!)

We decided to spend the long Memorial Day Weekend in Denver. Knowing that we were making the trip, we contacted the hottest couples we knew in the Denver region.

Fred and Ginger are a couple we met last year at the Lifestyles convention. They made that convention great for us, and we’ve been keeping in touch via yahoo instant messenger. Ginger is a hot little thing with perfectly engineered tits that defy gravity.

We first met Mark and Isabel in Las Vegas 2 ½ years ago when we had to divert from a trip to Desire in Cancun due to a hurricane. We all decided that Vegas was a good substitute, and none of us wanted to let a hurricane spoil our week of planned fun. We had so much fun in Vegas that we got together again at the Vegas Lifestyles convention 2 years ago. Hmmm... I remember Isabel's chain mail outfit so well!

And, then there was Charles and Amelia, a couple we met while visiting Denver almost 5 years ago. Yes, before we even started writing our blog. Yep, there’s a full year of lifestyle fun that we never recorded here. We’d met them at a house party, and all had a fun time playing together. We’ve been keeping in touch via Lifestyle Lounge ever since.

So, we asked all three couples (who, incidentally, didn't know each other) if they’d like to plan a little orgy, and all quickly agreed.

We had dinner and drinks at a local Mexican restaurant, and then we all headed out to the suite that Fred and Ginger had booked.

We hadn’t been in the suite 5 minutes when suddenly all of the girls had their tops off and were rubbing and kissing all over each other. Danni grabbed Amelia, both got naked, and she pushed her onto the bed. In the meantime, all of the guys got undressed as Ginger and Isabel got on their knees and started sucking two cocks at a time in various combinations. At one point, Ginger joined the action on the bed, and Isabel was working her magic on four guys at once. Such an expert.

It seemed like the bedroom could use some cock, so Isabel took my hand and led me to the bed.

So, I started with Isabel, spreading her legs and returning the oral favor. She tastes sooo good. Isabel was still sucking on some cock when I decided to hop up and start fucking her. Her pussy was so wet and tight that I had to do everything I could to keep from coming right away.

While fucking Isabel, I was rubbing Ginger’s naked body and eventually moved over to explore her fully. Soon, she was on top of me, fucking me with one of the tightest little pussys you’ll ever experience. By that point, there was no holding back, and Ginger had me coming strong and hard.

Danni had been spending a lot of quality time with Amelia (and was squirting the night away). I was able to finally find some "availability"with Amelia and made my way over. I still needed some recovery time, but my mouth and fingers were working fine. It didn’t take long for Amelia to get me back in full form, and I was back in the game in no time, pumping away deep into Amelia's wet pussy.

After taking a bit of a break, I moved back to Isabel while Danni worked her toy (super-charged cordless wand) on her. Then finally, Danni rode me, ensuring that everyone fucked everyone at the party. Just the way it’s supposed to be.

Danni exclaimed later that night (while in bed recounting our sexxxy adventures) that she HAD fucked everyone in the room, including herself! lol

Danni had squirted so much this night her pussy felt like it was on fire. while everyone was dressing, I grabbed what I thought was a piece of ice from the freezer. It turned out to be a frozen peppermint patty. Luckily, it was still wrapped. Doubtful that peppermint would have felt very good at this point. When I finally handed her a piece of ice, which she immediately put into her hot cunt. It melted right away into a tasty, puddle, which Fred slurped up.

It was time to go, but Danni didn’t want to leave. Finally, I dragged her out, and we kissed everyone good night.

Can’t wait for our next trip to Denver. Or for them to travel our way. Or anyone up for meeting in Desire Los Cabos or Vegas at one of the topless pool resorts....?

Oh, and Danni found this artist who creates "installations" around the world from multiple naked bodies: http://www.spencertunick.com/ , saying it reminded her of all of us in that suite in Denver!

Next stop... Las Vegas, baby!


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed reading the Blog - it brought back wonderful memories of our fun together !

We have no comments to add other than we had a great time with you two, Ginger & Fred and Amelia & Charles. Everyone that evening was very fun-loving and it certainly was a sexually charged atmosphere.

We trust the rest of your stay went well, even though it was "vertical socializing", as well as your trip to Vegas.

You should come to Denver more often !


Mark & Isabel

Anonymous said...

Hi Danni & B!

Hey, thanks for the enthusiastic endorsement of my special body parts! Fred and I had a great time hosting our first 8-way orgy and we’re looking forward to hooking up with these new friends again…you 2 are always on our short list (no pun intended!).

We realized that you left some stimulating times out of your still very erotic description of our evening’s playtime. Since no one can be everywhere at once, we thought we’d put our experiences on paper for others to enjoy.

After the majority of the party moved into the bedroom, I spent some quality time with my legs spread wide open on the couch. Charles gave me some very attentive lip service and had me teetering on the edge of cumming way too soon. He was just returning the oral favors Isabel, Amelia and I had enjoyed giving the guys earlier in the evening ….YUM!

It was some time later that Amelia joined Fred and me as I had my legs spread over his face. He was finishing the job Charles had started what seemed like hours ago, giving me one of my favorite screaming O’s. She saw a fun opportunity and went down on his rock hard cock and made him cum at the same time! Do we want to get together with these couples again? OH Yeah!

Thanx to everyone for making that evening a memorable one we’ll be “replaying” in our home for quite a while!

Ginger & Fred