Monday, March 24, 2008

Top Ten Reasons NOT To Become Swingers

Sorry for the absense from blogging. We've not played much recently. Rating sex toys doesn't pay well, and we don't charge for our parties, so I've been working "real work". lol

xoxo, Danni
p.s. Sex Palace South will be rocking again soon, though.

Okay, earlier I posted the Top 10 Reasons To Become A Swinger, so, it's only fair to "return the serve" with the top 10 reasons NOT to become a swinger.

1. Because you believe in and wish to honor your vows and the traditions of marriage. {yawn}

2. To avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. {so get tested!}

3. To spare your reputation should your recreational sex activities be discovered. {I'll grant you this one.}

4. To avoid disappointment should you not be "selected" for play or things don't work out. {It happens. Remember being single?}

5. Just to please your partner. {my biggest absolute no-no!}

6.You're uncertain of your own wishes or the strength of your emotional relationship with your partner. {definitely a BAD reason}

7. To "strengthen" your marriage - it may backfire! You may come to develop an emotional attachment to your swinging partner which should always be reserved for your spouse. {believe it or not, be know people who've had this happen}

8. You may not be emotionally ready to handle unexpected feelings of jealousy when watching your spouse enjoy sex with someone else. {just remember it's sex, not love}

9. To quiet the little voice in your head that says "this is just not right for me". {and if that voice is talking to you, listen!}

10. Because you treasure your relationship with your partner and are unwilling to share them with anyone else. {didn't your mother teach you to share your toys?}

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single gal said...

I'd share....if I wasn't single.