Sunday, March 30, 2008

When the Sex Palace is rockin...

It’s been way too long since the Sex Palace South was rocking with a big group party, so it was great to put together a group of hotties for some naked fun.

Danni and I were getting excited to have everyone over and actually started before everyone showed up. She had draped herself over the back of our couch and spread her legs, showing off her pretty pink pussy to me, fingering herself, driving me crazy. I dived into her pinkness and licked her until she was shuddering. It reminded me so much of the first night we ever spent together...a very fond memory indeed.
Then, Danni dropped to her knees sucking my cock, and I eventually bent her over the couch and fucked her hard.

Then the guests started to arrive.

First to arrive were Storm and Wolverine. When I came to the door, much to my surprise, there was a hot little blond in tow. Who was this girl? A neighbor?

Turns out, rather than bringing wine to the party, they brought a unicorn (aka single female). J-Lo is a sexy thing that has played with Storm and Wolverine, had heard about our parties and wanted to try us out. Thankfully, she had a smile on her face all night. Cum again, J-Lo, anytime!

Also attending were our old friends, Charlotte and Junior, as well as our newest friends, Coral and Copper. And, we had some very old friends come to their first Sex Palace South party, Red & Gray and L(f) & M(m).

13 people can make for a really fun party.

Things started a little slower than normal. The doors to our private, invite-only, parties are open from 7-9, but usually we can’t hold off and end up with a pile of naked people well before 9. But this time, with so many people who weren’t used to an orgy, people actually still had their clothes on at 9pm. But, Charlotte was soon to change that. 1st Naked Trophy!

Charlotte and I were kissing and groping while others were standing talking, and we realized that it was time for us to move to the mattresses. Soon, Charlotte was sucking my cock and I was fucking that wet little pussy. After a while, Wolverine came over and fed his cock to Charlotte as I continued fucking her.

Others caught the hint and people started dispersing to all ends of the house. I lost track of who was where, so maybe our guests can tell you more. This split off is fairly unusual, as our friends with benefits prefer our group style of play.
{Let me interject here to say that Danni has taken over "social coordinator" duties again. (I am so thankful!) She said she prefers the interaction of all party participants and would work hard to insure that our next party is just like that.}

I do remember seeing Danni and J-Lo in one bedroom fucking each other with the double-headed dildo. That was a nice way to introduce her to the party, lol. J-Lo was raving about how good Danni was at fucking, especially some magical things she did to J-Lo with ther fingers and tongue. Ah, my Danni!

Later on, Storm was riding my cock as Danni was sitting on my face. Another good situation to be in.

I spent some quality time eating Coral’s tasty pussy. She’s becoming more and more comfortable in our orgies and diving right in. Next time, honey!!!

Danni brought out her magic wand, and the girls were enjoying passing it around. She used it on Coral for her first experience with the intense clitoral stimulation. Of course, Danni used it on herself to the point where she exploded in a huge orgasm. Minutes later, she could be found lying on the couch in a fetal position, sleeping, lol. She's such a guy.

Charlotte came over to me and asked that I used my “special touch” on her. I laid her on the mattress and, using my fingers, had her squirting all over the place. She was splashing so much that you could find her “evidence” on a couch ten feet away. (Thank god for leather!) Not to mention that both of us were entirely soaked. I noticed a number of people standing around watching this wet scene.

Charlotte and I then ran to my bed and I fucked her ass…. well, let me amend that, she fucked me with her ass….. until she had me cum deep in her ass. Bitch! ;-)

Of course, there was all sorts of other action taking place, but since I was pretty occupied the entire night, I only know of the action that took place right next to (or on) me. And sad to say, we didn’t get any pictures, since there was really no down time.

I’ll ask our guests to comment on this posting if they’re up to telling our readers what (or who) each of them did.

Next party is in our room at VAF's Leather & Lace Weekend!!! Email us and join in!!!


single gal said...

Wow, I've got to move to Virginia. Vancouver does not have parties like yours. At least not that I've had the pleasure to attend.
~a unicorn in Vancouver

single gal said...

thanks for the comment - you've been added!

J-LO said...

Hi, J-Lo here. I had trouble getting the link to this blog or I would have posted sooner. I am the lucky "unicorn" who came in place of the wine. Lucky is definitely the right word!!! After things got started at the sex palace, Storm and Junior led me into the side bedroom to help break me in. How hot to be undressed and caressed and laid out on the bed to recieve a very special welcome. Storm was sucking Junior's cock while he was kissing me and soon we were tangled up on the bed. Junior gave me a good fucking from behind while Woverine fucked my face with his cock. "W." knows how much I love this! I could hear the women screaming and getting off in the next room which got me hotter and hotter. The folks in the next room must have heard my moans of pleasure because there was a parade of people in and out of our little den of inequity! Not to be out done by the men Charlotte introduced me to her expertise with her wonderful tonuge and I got to play with her beautiful breasts while she was getting fucked. The men at this party were hard and pounding us girls all night long. Danni came in and showed me tricks that I never knew that a woman could possess. She is incredibley hot and I think we devloped quite an audience at one point. That two headed dildo was simply amazing!! These women are beautiful and sooo sexy, I felt incredibly lucky to be the recipient of such attention. I lost count of how many times I came and the bed was soaked with my cum by the time we finally got up . I probably left out a few details because it was one big blurr of ectasy and I hope to return to the palace again soon so I can show the host how much I appreciated the hospitality. I hope to see one at all in Richmond tonight. I'll be dressed up in some sexy lace (or maybe some naughty leather???) J-LO

Anonymous said...

wow...saw your pics on hott and sexy...made me hard soo fast...awesome pics...would love to chat if you like

hugs and sweet licks,