Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Slick and LB

First off, we want to let our readers know that we had the blog blocked for a while as we’d been getting questions from the media and simply didn’t want them to use our blog as an example of “what’s out there” in the lifestyle. We’re back open for business, and it’s time to get caught up on our recent activities. We want to thank so many of you, letting us know that you were regular readers and wanted us to continue. So……

Our great friends, Slick and Lucky Bastard were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, and since they wanted to celebrate it “in style”, we opened up the house for another Sex Palace South party. Joining Slick and LB were Charlotte and Junior, Coral and Copper and BadKitty for a nice little 9way.

Coral and Copper didn’t know the rest of the group, so we all took some time with drinks, everyone getting to know each other. I had chatted with Coral quite a bit since we last played, and I knew that she'd let me pour some Baileys over her beautiful breast and drink it up. That was the first step towards getting everyone naked.

I was kissing Slick, who we hadn’t seen in months, and was pulling hard on her nipples. I pulled off her shirt and we moved over to the play pit (aka satin-wrapped mattresses). Slicked pulled off my pants and started sucking on my cock.

Danni brought BadKitty over to the play pit with us, got her naked and started eating her pussy. Since it was available, I shoved my cock into BadKitty's mouth. We then flipped around and Danni hopped up and sat on BadKitty's face while I fucked her furiously.

Since Danni and I were face-to-face, we kissed passionately while having our way with BadKitty in this position for a while. I then laid Danni out and started fucking her hard.

Coral was kissing me as I fucked Danni, obviously turned on by all of the now naked bodies sprawled out on the play pit. She was watching and touching both Danni and me until Danni squirted hard all over the place.
Danni then flipped me over, riding me reverse-cowgirl for everyone to get a good view, and squirted hard again, just like a bottle rocket.
I sat up on the couch, thinking that I could take a break, but Slick came over and started sucking my cock. Hot little slut that she is, she then hopped on my cock reverse cowgirl and started fucking me hard.

We fucked so hard that it seemed I was fucking her from on top, she was making me work so hard. {insert sweat here}
At some point she flipped around cowgirl-style, with her long, muscular legs draped over my shoulders. As we fucked, the couch kept moving backwards along the floor, until it stopped against a table. We found out later that we fucked so hard, Slick and I put a hole in our wall.

Damn, slut. ;-)
I saw Charlotte was freed up from all of her busy activities, so I took my opportunity to grab her. I just had to eat that tasty pussy and did so for a good long time. Then I started fingering her, knowing exactly what button to push to make her squirt hard all over the place. I think she was even surprise by how much she was squirting as she gave me this “holy shit” look as she continued squirting all over the place, getting everyone wet.
Of course, I needed to have some of that very wet pussy, so I hopped on her, and started pounding away at that tight little cunt. After a while, we looked at each other, smiled knowingly (it's amazing how you can learn what girls like!), and she took my cock and shoved it in her ass.
I fucked her in this familiar position for a while until exhaustion just took me over.
Of course, there was a lot of fucking happening all around me, though, I honestly lost track of who did what to who. (sound familiar?) Maybe our readers will get lucky and some of our playmates will add in their experiences.
Next Sex Palace South Party is 3/29, and we’re calling it a “Bring a Friends-with-Benefits” party. Could be a wild one!

Danni's add:
I had this wonderful Cyberskin Reversible Stroker by Adam & Eve I thought we should test (see pic below). I had used the Stroker on B, and he had used it himself before and he was ambivalent...he just prefers his right hand, dry, for some reason. LOL

Well, while everyone was finishing off at the party, I decided to pull it out and let someone else give it a try before I wrote my review. The Stroker just looked (and felt) way too cool to be an "ambivalent" toy.

So, the studly LB volunteered. He used it on himself, and Slick did her thang, too... including licking the head of his dick as she worked the Stroker on his very hard cock. (a special plus that doesn't come with the Stroker if you purchase one, though!)

The Stroker has an unbelievably lush feel to it....almost like synthetic satin, but firmer, like skin. It's nubby on one side and ribbed on the other. You can turn it inside out for whichever texture feels right for you. Everyone I've let "test" it prefers the ribbed side, though, saying it felt much more pussy-like. I have to agree. I placed my fingers inside (which is how I experience pussy!), and it definitely feels just like pussy, g-spot and all.

Pictures at the EdenFantasy site give you more views and a more complete concept of the Stroker, but I think this pic below says it all. Sorry I missed the money shot; LB shot his load half-way across the play pit before I could take a picture. P.S. He did say he liked lots of lube inside the Stoker...guess he's just used to very wet pussy. And, I do believe he got even harder with the Stroker, and this was at the end of a several hour long swinger party! LOL

xoxo, Danni

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Anonymous said...

WOW, thanks for the Party and what a Party it was. We had a great time and look forward to the next time we can cum over and Play. To all the Friends that were there, thanks for cumming too and we cant wait to see you all again.
About the Toy Review, I was glad to help out and let me say, it really was fun and if I were to get one of them Hand Pussy's for an Anniversary Present, it would get a good work out...weg
I love a good Hand Job now and then and that sure was fun, thanks for letting me try it out. You guys have a great week and we will be in touch soon... Slick and LB...