Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long Distance Love or Cyber Sex in the City??

By JLO, Guest Blogger

Thanks to the lovely Danni for allowing me to post to the blog as a guest. This is one of those stories that just must be shared. In my search for the illusive long-term lifestyle partner, I was once again reading my emails on SwingLifeStyle (SLS), trying to see if I had received anything of interest. Lo and behold, I had a promising letter, so I clicked on the man’s profile, and it seemed that the gentleman and I were very much of like minds! Now, I am not exactly sure what happened next, because I never IM people. I am much more of a face-to-face kind of girl, but I found myself chatting online with a very sexy gentleman. The more we chatted the more we seemed to have in common, and I was somewhat disappointed to discover that the stud in question was in Iraq fighting for Freedom, Justice and the American Way, which meant we would not be meeting in the immediate future! In the meantime, it was determined that we were both friends and lovers of the amazing Danni and B, with the testimonials to prove it. For you inquiring minds, he is better know on the blog and at the Sex Palace as Joker. (He is a recent guest blogger here himself). So despite the time/space continuum problem, we determined to forge ahead and try to get to know each other.

Now being a unicorn does have its benefits. All of the hot couples that I know do keep me busy and never lonely. The lovely Storm and Wolverine had invited me to dinner and *dessert* on the following weekend, so I told my newfound friend about my upcoming adventure. Small world that it is, the three of them knew each other as well and had recently been in touch! Now being that I am a patriotic girl and like to keep my man happy, I asked Joker if he had any requests that I could perform for him during my evening of earthly delights. He made a few picture requests, and I arrived at the dinner with a plan in mind. Storm and Wolverine were more than happy to help our long-distance friend, so after our amazing dinner, we proceeded to set up the web cam so we could bring some joy and happiness to our brave soldier so far away. While waiting for the appointed to time to begin our live webcam, the innovative couple had a surprise for me.

First, I was blindfolded and handcuffed to the bed naked. I felt the lovely Storm spread my legs wide and begin to oh so gently eat my pussy. Her tongue was amazing - so soft and delicate - it was driving me crazy. Next, I felt icy water dripping on my breasts and cold ice sliding down my thighs. Then hot, something hot dripping, dripping on my belly. More ice. More hot. I could not see what was happening, and my pussy was still being eaten unrelentingly by the soft butterfly-like mouth. By this time, I was going nuts and ready to be fucked…which I begged for. Wolverine finally gave me what I needed.

Good friends that we are, we stopped everything to honor our appointment with Joker. We set up the cam and got online with him. He was busy, people all around, but we proceeded anyway. Storm and I got in front of the camera and kissed each other, played with each other’s breasts. We began to lick and suck Wolverine’s cock. Joker was trying to maintain his cool at work, but you could tell he liked the show. He was probably wishing he was alone somewhere!

Now I am not exactly sure how everything unfolded from that moment on, because I tend to get caught up in the action. I do know that we honored Joker’s request. He wanted to see me reverse cowgirl on Wolverine. So as Wolverine laid down on the bed, I mounted his cock and rode that baby hard while Storm held the computer for Joker’s optimum view. The evening was full of fun, and we took some still photos, too, which we now share with you, dear readers.

I would say a win/win situation for all! Stay tuned for Part 2…

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