Sunday, December 21, 2008

Danni's Holiday Rant

Sometimes, we're just too busy to post. We had a WONDERFUL house party recently with lots of out-of-towners we hadn't seen in a while. We'll get around to it, but, hey, it's the "holidays!" Cut us some slack. ;-)

"Read the Blog!" There's plenty of past posts (uh, nearly 400 to be exact!) Yes, the pictures are a tad distracting, but if one takes the time to read even a little, you'll get a "feel" for who we are and what we're about in this swinging lifestyle.

Ok, updating profile(s) again, starting with AFF: does this work?

AND, we'll see all you sexy fiends at the VA Friends New Year's Eve Party... in the ballroom, or in our party room... Feliz Navidad, mis amigos!

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Ronald10021 said...

Not sure if AFF works but willing to keep trying (I'm Ronald10021). If you come to Florida, let me know. Happy Holidays!