Saturday, November 08, 2008

Me and her ... and her ... and her

We’ve been pretty bad as of late. Not keeping up with the blog has become a real problem, and fan complaints have overwhelmed us. We apologize!

We’ve had a few parties, and a few three-ways, and just never got the chance to write about them. We have lots of pics and promise to post them.

But, in the meantime, I just gotta write about last night.

We had talked to our newest sexy unicorn friend Barbie, and she planned on coming over to our place tonight. I had told Danni in the morning, that if she came home late from work (which she's been doing a lot, hence the slow blogging lately), she just might find Barbie and me going at it. I think that idea turned her on, as that “Danni smile” came out.

I was able to get home in plenty of time, and when Barbie rang. Danni was still at work. :-)

Barbie and I had a drink or two, and I explained that Danni would be late but was expecting that we weren’t going to wait for her. Barbie knew that she was going to be our sex toy this night, so it didn’t take long for me to get her naked.

We went into the bedroom, and I showed her the handcuffs, waiting just for her. She smiled, laid down, and she was locked onto the rails that make the head board of our bed.

I took turns eating her, fucking her, shoving my cock in her mouth, and just using her tight little body for my sexual pleasure. I had kind of lost track of time, and by the time Danni opened the door to the house, I realized that Barbie had been handcuffed and used for over an hour. I felt a little bad, but not TOO bad, lol.

I went out to the living room, naked, sweaty and my cock pointing the way and told Danni that I had a new sex toy for her. Danni went in to find sexy little Barbie, all helpless, laying there. She needed a break, so we let her up, knowing that she was going to finally get some girl time.

All of the sudden and much to my surprise, who appeared at our door, but the infamous Storm!

Mmmm, what a hot surprise. She had come straight from work, so she looked a little more prim and proper than I normally see her. But, as I sat on my couch, Storm sexily undressed in front of me, dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock.

While Storm was showing off her expertise, Barbie scooted her face between Storm's legs and started eating her. While Barbie was on her back, tongue-fucking Storm, Danni dove between her legs and started going down on Barbie’s very used pussy. (Sorry everyone, I really wish I had a picture of this, but there was no way that I was interrupting things, lol).

At some point, Danni and Barbie swapped places, and Storm sat on me reverse-cowgirl. Barbie couldn't keep her hands off Storm, though. Danni would reach up and rub my cock and Storm's pussy as they were grinding into each other.

We eventually all moved to the bed, with naked parts connecting all over the bed.

At one point, Barbie suggested that it was my turn to be handcuffed. Now, Danni will occasionally tie me up when we play alone, but I had never been restrained in any group setting before.

Hmmm, a new activity, I was game. After all, it was me and lots of girls!

They locked me to the bed, and Storm started sucking my cock again. Danni and Barbie lifted up my legs, and, much to my surprise, Barbie shoved a finger in my ass. All three girls were working me hard, and demanding that I blow my load into Storm's waiting mouth. As I was cumming, you could hear Storm humming with pleasure. After she squeezed out every last drop of cum, she said that my cum was so sweet. Danni explained that when you don’t drink coffee, your cum will taste much better.

We laid in the bed for a while. Then, Storm and Danni got up and went into the kitchen. I started kissing Barbie, and then her neck, her tits, her stomach, and then I found myself back to her wet pussy.

Barbie had told me how she liked to have her pussy eating, and I’m a pretty good student, so I made sure to do what the teacher had instructed.

She seemed pretty happy and was screaming loudly. Storm and Danni heard the screaming, were surprised that anyone was still playing, and came back into the room to watch. I think that I made Barbie cum hard 4 or 5 times, to the point that her pussy was way to sensitive to touch anymore.

Both Storm and Barbie kissed us good night. Everybody ended the night with huge smiles on their faces.

And, I was a happy guy...thanks, Danni!


single gal said...

I guess can forgive you for not updating...sounds like you were having a tonne of fun!

goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

Betty Rocket said...

Finally.... :)

Takara said...

What a hott story! Can't wait to hear more.