Sunday, August 10, 2008

J-LO, one fun hunny of an ESF

Ok, B and I have been way busy; yes, too busy to write for the blog. BUT, that doesn't mean we've been too busy to "play", especially when an ESF (elusive single female) the quality and caliber of J-LO wants to hang with us. 3-ways are way cool!

We're still hoping she can join us for VA Friends this weekend. Yep, we'll be there, both nights ... it's been months and months since we've attended. So Jungle Luau, here we come! And, we're finally meeting Storm and Wolverine's friends from Richmond and their friends from NC. That's how we roll in the Lifestyle ... you invite two friends, and they'll invite two friends ... LOL.

Oh, and since it's Labor Day weekend (no work on Monday), we've decided to have an impromptu Sex Palace South Party on Sunday night, so THREE days of decadence ... yee-haw!

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