Saturday, May 26, 2007

A long time fantasy lived out!!!

Danni got me a wonderful present for this Virginia Friends party!!!

After seeing so many hot friends in the bar, Danni instructed me to go up to our room, get naked, put on a blindfold and wait in bed. Of course, I took off right away and got ready.

After a few minutes, I could hear the door open and could sense people walking into the room. Suddenly, there were hands on my legs, my chest, my arms and then on my cock. I felt a warm female mouth lower onto my hard cock and I was receiving a wonderful blow job, though I have no idea who it was.

After a while, a new girl took over working my cock while my hands were held down by two other women. Again, I had no idea who was even in the room. Then, someone straddled my head and lowered her pussy onto my face. I tongue fucked this unknown pussy as a third woman began sucking my cock.

Then, a different girl took a turn sitting on my face and more attention was given to my cock by yet another girl. I was told later by Danni that there were six different girls that sucked my cock.

And then, I felt a girl straddle my body, grab my cock, and lower herself onto my cock. She began fucking me while I wondered if I knew this girl. While she was fucking me, she whispered into my ear "recognize that!!!" . It was OuiOui, or as I think she needs to be renamed, Magic. You see, she has a magic pussy that has an amazing power of forcing me to cum regardless of any efforts to hold back.

So, after a bit of fucking, she forced me to explode. Bitch ;-)

As I had my blindfold removed, Danni kisssed me "hello". What perhaps may qualify as the dumbest question in the history of mankind, she asked me if I enjoyed it. Boy, let me think.

I looked around the room, and there were 4 couples still there. Danni tells me that a bunch of the girls left before I could get a chance to see who "did" me. As of this writing, I still don't know who did what.

While I was "spent", everyone else was ready to go. We had Magic (formerly know as OuiOui) and Barney, ElektraLux and Juan, and J and B, Danni was sitting on Barney's cock when ElektraLux exclaimed that it was her turn on the cock. So Danni got off and ElectraLux hopped on and reversed cowgirled him as he sat in the chair.

While kind of a blur, I know some highlights. B was sucking Juan as I fingered her from behind. J was fucking Danni. Juan fucked B long and hard as the "Cock Hunter" did her play-by-play. In fact, I think Juan was the fuck-king tonight as he fucked every girl in the room.

ElektraLux sucked my cock like only she does and had me rock hard again. When she moved away, Danni saw my hard cock and hopped on, riding me until she was squirting all over.

The AC in our room wasn't working and everyone was getting painfully hot. We had the window wide open and people kept sticking their heads out the window to get some cooler air. Eventually, everyone was spent and we all went into the hallway to join the rest of the party. Danni and I soon crashed, though it was pretty hard to sleep in a room that had turned into a sauna.

The heat was so bad that it made Danni feel very sick. We decided in the morning to head home, so I could take good care of her. We're sorry that we won't be there for the Saturday party, but we certainly got enough for both nights.

A special thanks from me, B, to all the unknown women that helped me live out this unfulfilled fantasy. I owe each one of you a few orgasms. Feel free to cash in this IOU anytime ;-)

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